Fukushima: Japans 9/11!!

Detta är ett kopierat inlägg från sidan http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima.html och det han skriver om Fukushima. Jag hoppas att alla länkar, bilder, filmer mm fungerar. Om de inte gör det, gå till originalsidan (som just nu är kvar) och dubbelkontrollera, även om tyvärr flera länkar där inte fungerar sedan jag kollade först för någon vecka sedan. Men, informationen som är nedtecknad räcker gott för att man ska bli lätt kallsvettig...:

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I also need someone to send me a Japanese translation of this article, as published in Japan

It took them three hundred years and trillions of dollars to build a theatre of darkness, yet the light of only one match can burn it down. Do not let this light go out, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

3/11 was Japan's 9/11. It's all documented folks!


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Fukushima from the front  
Fukushima from above

These are important photographs because you can sit down and analyze them and see exactly what really happened there. This is Japan's 911, and it's all based on official records and evidence which cannot be silenced. What is here is every bit as damning as building 7 on 9/11, while being far more important, and the fact that a large portion of even the truth movement has shunned this report will show you just how deep the conspiracy goes. It is essential for people to link, re-post and mirror this report, because e-mails related to it will be censored and people will not find their way here from an e-mail. It will also get deleted from sites like Above Top Secret and Godlike productions, and therefore failure to spread the word through other means will give the elite an ability to create a similar disaster elsewhere, possibly near you. This site is public domain, use anything here on your own site but mention my name and link back to here so people can find the source. ______________________________________________________________________

Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, published on May 21 2011 Updated Saturday, April 21, 2012
This is a massive and technical report. If you have troubles understanding it, just look at THIS classified picture of the vanished reactor, THIS classified picture of the destroyed facility and THIS picture of Magna BSP's camera. Then scroll down to the photos which prove there was no actual quake damage to Japan and the original Japanese seismic charts which prove there was no 9.0. The linked public records prove that the very real tsunami which destroyed everything in it's path could not have been natural. The fact that what happened in Japan did not occur naturally has been very well documented by a skilled investigator, who spent hundreds of hours getting to the bottom of this story.

NEW INFO: Japan offered to enrich uranium for IRAN!

HERE ARE THE LINKS: Ynet news... Inside Japan News Network...The New American...Rianovosti news...Hindustan Times...Zee News

This report includes classified photos and the schematics for Fukushima, as well as the ORIGINAL seismic records to support it's claims.

They are,
1. Reactor 3 is completely missing, which means the press and anyone who has claimed anything about pressures, temperatures, containment, ect at reactor 3 after March 14 is lying and people need to pay attention to it, because failure of the public to realize the massive extent of the lies about what is going on there will leave the door open to a repeat event.
2. Reactor 4 is Building 7, demolished by explosives. Reactor 4 had been defueled and was undergoing replacement of it's internal stainless steel shroud, yet blew it's containment anyway. That is the FINAL smoking gun, an empty reactor is inert, and cannot produce an explosion, yet one happened at 4 that was so powerful it destroyed the structure leaving it in danger of falling over. Overheated open fuel pools cannot produce hydrogen because in an open fuel pool the water boils off at 100 Celsius, and won't be present in pressurized form at 2,000 degrees Celsius to liberate it's hydrogen by losing it's oxygen to the zircon cladding in the fuel rods. The rods will prefer the free oxygen in the air and burn long before attempting to claim the oxygen in whatever humidity there might be. Fuel rods only contain 20 percent fissionable material, and therefore could not have produced the "prompt criticality" in the fuel pools Arnie Gundersen, "The most qualified nuclear engineer in the world" has spoken of. This report includes a background investigation of Arnie Gundersen which proves he is a fraud who is hiding how big the disaster at Fukushima is. He is making statements which defy the laws of physics, and hide what really happened at Fukushima because if it became widely known serious questions would be asked. When have you heard Gundersen talk about a totally missing reactor? SOMETHING had to cause #3 to vanish. It weighed over a million pounds, where did it go?
Reactor 4's dome was removed for defueling. Drone photos prove it. This dispels the rumors surrounding unit 4's explosion. Some people have said that this reactor was secretly in operation to enrich plutonium. This photo proves it was disassembled for shroud replacement as stated. Tepco is going out of it's way trying to explain the explosions, especially at reactor 4 because they did indeed occur, so an explanation is needed. As a result they are giving reasons that cannot happen just to say something. They need to see this post and get the Arava perspective(Arava is a district surrounding Dimona).
3. That the destruction of the facility is so severe it could only have been accomplished with nuclear weapons. Hydrogen gas produces a non-ideal subsonic explosion. It cannot turn concrete into dust. It can produce high pressures if sealed off, but the metal roof on all the reactor containments should have provided the relief and been the only thing destroyed. It takes a high intensity explosive to strip concrete off rebar, a blast wave many times faster than supersonic. This means that whatever happened at Fukushima did not have blast characteristics that fit the "official" story. If you missed it in the high resolution photo of the destroyed facility, I took a car that was laying around in the remains and placed it on top of one of the blown away walls at reactor 3, which clearly gives the reference that the walls had support columns at least 15 feet thick. Fukushima was built with the Mark 1 containment design, but beyond Mark 1 standards which was a common upgrade(reference is the included photos, it is obvious). It is true that gas explosions can be very destructive, but only in facilities that were not designed to handle them. Even the basic mark 1 containment was many times beyond capable of withstanding the worst hydrogen blast.
4. That nuclear weapon(s) were placed inside of the reactor containment(s) disguised as security cameras installed under contract this year by Arava based security firm Magna BSP (Arava is a district around Dimona, not a city.) Their "security cameras" weighed over 1,000 pounds and were the size and shape of gun type nuclear weapons.The reason Magna BSP gave for the odd shape, enormous weight, and giant proportions of their cameras was that they were stereoscopic. A stereoscopic camera could be plausible at an airstrip, where the camera would need depth perception out miles, but not indoors where focal lengths are short. Depth perception going out miles could also be accomplished with two separately mounted cameras weighing only a few pounds; the giant thousand pounder is a dead giveaway. Why this giant thing, when smaller nukes are possible? Nuclear weapons always produce a certain amount of heat, and if a small design was used it would be obvious the "camera" was warm, even when turned off and sitting on the shelf. This would cause questions to be asked, especially in a nuclear power facility. The enormous size and weight helped conceal the decay heat.
. . . . . . . . . .9/11, 4/11, 3/11? see a pattern? Let's not see another X/11. Your time and effort in spreading the word may really make a difference.

The quake was not what we were told.

In fact, the quake was a bold faced lie, packing a political agenda. The proof goes beyond the linked Japanese chart. Please note - the date listed at the top is the date of compilation, Japan has thousands of seismic stations run by numerous organizations, and they take time to merge into one final report. That is the date listed at the top of this compilation (March 15), and there is a shill out there who can't figure this out, a fact which should be obvious because the main seismograph in this report is dated and timed to the quake, and is a match for the lower resolution seismograms in this large compilation.This original seismic data is the smoking gun, however, I have something better. I analyzed the falsified charts put out by the USGS, and from them wrote this sad, sad story about how it had to be according to those charts, not what you will see in the newsroom video I have linked farther down the page which documents what really happened. Keep in mind that precise top speeds of flying debris cannot be determined with complete accuracy, but this story will at least be close to the numbers put out by the USGS.
The people in the newsroom did not die, this story is what would have happened if the USGS charts were true.
Meet Atsuo, Airi, and Akiyoshi. They were all the best and most dedicated people at the NHK newsroom, in Sendai Japan. Akiyoshi loved Airi, and Atsuo was the one who introduced them. Unfortunately, all 3 died in the quake. Akiyoshi got a severe cut and bled to death when he hit a display screen behind him at 44 miles an hour, and was then thrown out through a hole in a collapsed wall. Airi followed pretty much the same path, and died beside him in the rubble. Atsuo flew through the open door behind him, then crashed through a window and was crushed when he landed in a massive seismic crack in the road, which closed in on him. Others in the newsroom died also, but I never thought up names for them. At least, according to the official USGS charts. The laser printer was never found, but the table it was on ended up on top of the rubble, smashed to pieces, where one of the few survivors used a piece of the metal frame to splint his broken leg.

The chart is from station MYG012, which is less than 1/2 mile from the NHK newsroom. THIS PROVES THE USGS LIED. THERE WAS NO 9.0

The USGS charts are phony folks, that's all there is to it! Scroll down to the video of the quake represented in the above chart, which represents a 9.0 and was reportedly from a seismic station only one half mile away from where the video was shot.
The implications of this run deep. The seismic chart, in conjunction with the following video, proves that the US government is also involved in the lie about the quake at some level. The video proves the USGS falsified records.

Some people keep typing on their computers as the quake happens.

Also, note that most of the stuff stays on the desks, at the end, a laser printer is still sitting on a cheap table, ect. some things fall but things return to normal quickly, all the while the English announcer is reading a script of devastation with all the pep of some paid fool who does not believe what he is saying in a cheezy infomercial. The quake was significant, but only in a 6.0 sense, as recorded by the JAPANESE seismographs, and FAKED to a 9.0 by the USGS. This is important footage, because it proves the earthquake measured at a 6.8 was an instrumentation based richter reading. Confusion between the Shindo and Richter scale is being used to cover this up . I chose this video because it's location is documented to have been the worst affected, and was recorded in a news room with a known fixed location. This video gets deleted off youtube occasionally, if it does not work check back later and I might have re-linked it.
Remember that this video is proof of what really went on. This means there never were significant aftershocks, never was a natural tsunami, and if they lied about that, what else? This video is pivotal and vital to exposing the truth. Sure there was a quake, but at this newsroom it was not much over a six if it even was a six. I chose this video because the news room is within eyeshot of station MYG012, which was used by the USGS to make these graphs which represent an 8.8 AT THAT STATION, as was stated in this (English) newscast and was probably used as a guide to fudge the lie due to the closeness of the newsroom to the seismic station. Here is the full chart put out by the USGS Of course, they offer no reading from MYG011, which was closest to the 9.0 "epicenter" by a long shot, because it only got a 5.63's worth of shaking. I will do that work for them. That map is below.

I challenge ANYONE to send me pictures of this quake showing me devastation in an area not hit by the tsunami.

All we have, all the pictures are tsunami damage. Let's see pictures of quake damage. The Kobe quake was a 6.9/7.2 depending on source. That makes this quake, at a 9.0 100X as powerful. Sendai was near the epicenter, where station MYG012 was and would have been devastated if it really happened as stated by the USGS. Look at the earthquake photos of damage from the Kobe quake, and try to find ONE THING SIMILAR in SENDAI. Just try. They do not exist. Outside of the tsunami, the quake which supposedly hit Sendai with many times the power of the one in Kobe, did not destroy a single building there. Sendai was only 48 miles from the epicenter of this "9.0" which would have devastated everything in an area 1,000 miles across if it was real. All of Japan would be toast. Try to find a photo of seismic damage in Sendai. I challenge you. Try to find it in any of the coastal cities, as little as 25 miles from the "epicenter". I looked for 5 hours, and except for some tanks that fell at a brewery not a single one exists. No pictures of collapsed skyscrapers or high rises equals NO 9.0. You will not find a single skyscraper photo where the windows got broken either. You will find no downed power poles, no flipped over cars, no uprooted trees, no derailed trains (except for one the tsunami hit), and the road damage is typical of even a 5.0. You will not find pictures of a single damaged multi story building or even a structurally damaged wood framed house outside the tsunami zone. In Sendai the quake messed up grocery stores and kitchens and that really is about it.

And now, I will say it like I knew it had to be.

I believe the phony 9.0 story was used as seismic cover for a tsunami nuke, which produced the tsunami of a 9.0 when detonated in the Japan trench (where no earthquakes of significance happen) as punishment for Japan offering to enrich uranium for Iran. The rest of the story, the concealment, is black ops. Bet on it. In the tsunami videos, the tsunami rips through pristine and undamaged cities, where business as usual is obvious and the tsunami is an ambush; not 9.0 earthquake ravaged debris. The quake is a paper thin story taped together by the undeserved trust of a gullible public. And the stories? The CIA did not hire a million people last year for nothing. If there is evidence of a 9.0 SHOW ME. A 9.0 will devastate an area over 1,000 miles across. That is how big a 9.0 is. The entire nation should be in ruins, especially judging from the damage the 6.9 Kobe quake did, and no where, no where outside the tsunami zone in the entire country is there a single damaged multi story building, a single collapsed bridge, a single structurally damaged wood framed house, or skyscraper. If a picture exists that can be definitively pinned to this quake, show me. The only collapsed structure in all of Japan was an old welfare shelter near station MYG004, the true epicenter. Take a look at these frame captures, and ask a question - Why is no one trying to run? Why are the cars all just parked peacefully as the tsunami arrived? Why was there no warning? Why did the tsunami sirens only go off after the tsunami arrived? Could it be that the people and the governement had not felt a significant earthquake and did not measure one either?

Question: Why are none of the roads packed with people trying to flee the approaching tsunami?

Could it be that the people and government were not expecting one? Tsunami sirens blare only when it arrives, rather than 40 minutes before, which is how much warning they would have had if a real quake in the ocean had been detected. Consider that. Parking lots full of cars, everyone at work, no one trying to leave. AMBUSH!!. When people keep typing at their keyboards during the quake, it's obviously not what we were told.
When reviewing the seismic data for the supposed 9.0, I knew there were instead 3 small simultaneous inland epicenters. This made me suspicious right from the start that the quake was artificially triggered and used as seismic cover for a tsunami bomb. But I needed a reason to believe an artificial quake could have been done. I suspected that either Japan was testing nukes and Israeli intelligence was onto it and used the tests as the "start of clock" for their operation, or Israel managed to smuggle nukes into lava tubes and tunnels far underground to trigger earthquakes and contain the blasts. So I was hunting for tunnels and lava tubes near each of the three epicenters, and wanted to find them before writing this into this report. As it turns out, I did not need to. This military briefing with Secretary of Defense William Cohen, dated all the way back to 1997! shows that even then, Cohen knew about EM weaponry that could trigger quakes and set off volcanoes. I have ignored everything regarding this subject, I thought it was the realm of kooks. I thought EM weaponry would be effective in weather modification only, but I am not going to argue with the Secretary of Defense. There are obviously then, energy technologies which have never been publicized, such weaponry would need far more energy input than the electrical grid could provide. And the systems Cohen spoke of in 1997 would be outdated now.
Cohen stated: "Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important. - William S. Cohen, Secretary of Defense, April 28, 1997. Left unsaid by William Cohen is that such systems would be developed by DARPA and owned by America first!
I would expect with 14 years of advancement that these technologies could now trigger devastating earthquakes in non-seismic zones.
The following picture is the strongest reading for this quake on any seismogram anywhere in Japan. This was before the lie machine got running smoothly. Early on there were a few sputters and this REAL chart got out. As you can see on this chart, it was a 6.67 on the Richter scale, (not shindo scale, confirmed by PGA reference) This would fit in with NO structural damage in Sendai and the level of shaking in the video

This quake was initially asessed a 6.8, and the seismic data will show anyone the epicenter was inland, not at sea. Please note - the date listed at the top is the date of compilation, Japan has thousands of seismic stations run by numerous organizations, and they take time to merge into one final report. That is the date listed at the top of this compilation (March 15), and there is a shill out there who can't figure this out, a fact which should be obvious because the main seismograph in this report is dated and timed to the quake, and is a match for the lower resolution seismograms in this large compilation.; or should I instead say it should be obvious because not a single building fell! So it started a 6.8, then got upgraded to a 7.9, then got upgraded to an 8.4, then got upgraded to an 8.8, then got upgraded to a 9.0, and had the epicenter put out in the ocean. Now many are saying it was a 9.1 which would bump up MYG011's number to 1200 from 1070, and it is all based on tsunami effects, not seismic data.
The following seismograms clearly show epicenters from 3 separate small quakes all occuring simultaneously. This is what would be expected of an attack, rather than a natural occurence.

One problem with people grasping how big a 9.0 is, is exponential charts which will hide how much energy is really being released behind confusing gradient marking. To answer the need for clarity, I got out the calculator and produced a chart that shows you how big a 9.0 earthquake is on a linear scale. Make sure you expand and scroll it, it is 5,000 pixels tall. Due to its large verticle height it opens on the left side of the screen and is almost invisible until you expand it. Confusion over how GIANT a 9.0 really is has helped the elite scammers enormously in their lie. There is simply no way much of anything will remain standing, yet as the tsunami rolls in . . . . . .
And now, I will bite. This is what I did not want to publish, but I know it has to be true. Call this creative journalism, because I never called Netanyahu, but here is the most rational conclusion I can draw, based on all info gathered so far including the original not faked seismic data.
I honestly believe Japan is being held a nuclear hostage. It all makes sense.
1. Japan offers to enrich uranium for Israel's GREAT SATAN, Iran
2. Immediately, Israel sets up front companies masquerading as security companies, and one of them succeeds in getting a security contract at a Japanese nuclear facility. 4 months later the Dimona Dozen shows up, and under the cover of a security contract gets unlimited access to the heart of Fukushima. They plant the virus, install real cameras outside the facility, and functional poorly disguised nuke cameras inside the facility. In addition to this, they install an unauthorized data connection to allow control of all the guts of the facility via the virus. (they admitted to this connection, as discussed later on this page)
3. After installing Stuxnet and the nukes they scram
4. Israel waits for one of the many natural quakes in Japan to provide cover for a tsunami bomb, and they already have it at the bottom of the Japan trench. VLF communications are established with the bomb to penetrate the water. David in Dimona gets seismic reading from Japan. 6.67 in progress, BOOM. (new evidence shows the quake most likely was not natural)
Tsunami comes in, swamps stuxnet infected power plant, direct video feed from legitimate cameras security company installed gets to David via totally unauthorized channel, and David knows just when to cut the generators off. Others on the team do all they can to counteract measures taken by the employees at fukushima, who are unaware an attack is taking place and do not understand why everything is going crazy
5. Israeli Prime Minister calls Japan, and says TAKE THAT for offering help to Iran, and ya know, there are FIVE MORE NUKES in the ocean off the coast of Japan, and we are going to set those off and destroy your coastal cities if you do not forget that 6.67, and say it was a 9 to cover for tsunami effects. AND NOW we are going to make your people DEMAND you move away from nuclear power so you can NEVER threaten us like that again. We are BLOWING UP FUKUSHIMA DIIACHI and you are going to go along with whatever story we tell you to. SO THERE!!
6. David and his pals close ALL valves to the reactors via the remote data link they admitted to installing, and put them full throttle, to melt them down while the virus keeps control room readouts displaying false info, like nothing is going on even though the place is coming apart. After enough mayhem ensues to provide plausibility, they set off planted nukes and blow the place sky high.
And even if the quake was real, there are nukes that can reach an 8.4. Close enough. Though I have yet to work out the final details, I probably have enough to hang them because:
1. I got the real seismic data that proves beyond a doubt the quake is not what we were told and was in fact an inland 6.8, (calculated higher than the seismogram due to the triangulated true epicenter being a little higher) which would get noticed but not feared in quake ridden Japan.
2. Numerous referenced sources prove Stuxnet really was written by Israel
3. Japan really did offer to enrich Uranium for Iran, and Israel has been documented to have attempted to destroy the reactor in Iran, and probably did. Japan contributing to Iran's nuclear future would make them just as much an enemy to Israel as Iran. Israel would want them taken out.
4. It is documented that a team from Israel, with a history consisting only of working in Israeli defense, got unlimited access to a Japanese nuclear facility, which then went boom
5. Reactor 4 had been defueled and proven disassembled, and therefore no explosion there was possible. What should have happened at reactor 4, if anything at all? the fuel pools should have melted down and caught fire once the water boiled off from lack of recirculation AT Worst, and badly contaminated the containment structure, NOTHING ELSE. NO explosions, NOTHING ELSE. Reactor 4 is building 7, PERIOD. Why did an explosion there happen that was so severe it blew the outer containment walls (4 feet thick) and inner containment walls that were much thicker? Reactor 4 is reportedly now in danger of falling over. HOW?
6. The Japanese government is going along with the story of a scientifically proven false 9.0. There is a reason, and my guess is that Israel has made threats to wipe out Japanese coastal cities with additional tsunamis if the government of Japan speaks a word of what went on, there should be no reason for Japan to go along with this other than a continued threat.

Is it not interesting this "quake" reportedly happened at the bottom of the Japan trench, which would be perfect for hiding an atomic bomb blast?

Is the Department of Homeland Security trying to keep American industries (and nuclear facilities) in the dark about Stuxnet? After Fukushima fell victim to unwary operators, I would think such a conference would be a TOP priority here! The genie is out of the bottle. It is a fact that the writers of Stuxnet intend to use it. So cancelling a well researched conference about the vulnerabilities of the Siemens SCADA system to Stuxnet in the name of "keeping hackers from getting info" seems to me like an effort to keep the threat alive. Ignore the fluff at the beginning, and read the "About TakeDownCon" summary near the bottom so you know what they actually cancelled rather than settle for the no-panic fluff at the beginning. This is SERIOUS. I fear that by the time the Hacker Halted conference happens in October, the summer of disaster may have passed. And if it has not, I bet any discussion of Stuxnet at Hacker Halted will also be cancelled. Stuxnet is too good a toy for a very powerful group to let go of. Something is fishy here.
Other publications picked up this story now, and are poo pooing the issue into the ground. They are obviously attempting to morph responsibility for Stuxnet style attacks away from Israel so that they can regain cover and use the weapon as a false flag tool to destroy internet freedom. This is where they are going to go with this - count on it, and when the disasters happen there will be a cozy blanket of lies shielding Israel from all blame. Never forget, THIS IS THEIR BABY, NEVER FORGET. Prior to them doing this, WE NEVER HEARD OF IT.

About "prompt criticality" - As it turns out, Arnie Gundersen, mister "prompt criticality" with regard to the massive explosion at #3 is very poorly credentialed. His crowning achievement was playing with a 100 watt open water tank reactor in a classroom for a short period of time.
Fuel rods are only 20 percent fissionable, sometimes even less, and until you reach over 90 percent purity in U238 and about 70 percent purity in Plutonium NO "prompt criticality" is possible in ANY case no matter how much of it you have laying around. Furthermore, even with 100 percent pure material you need a precision trigger slamming or crushing material together to get a detonation. Even if 100 percent pure material is slammed together at high speed, if it is not done right you will get only a nuclear "sputter" that pushes the pieces apart, and no detonation. Nukes are hard to do! Why have so many of us seemed to have forgotten that nuclear detonations are hard to accomplish? The "prompt criticality" in spent fuel story is something I would have expected to hear from an Ewok praying to a gold robot. I can't believe even a scammer would have the guts to suggest it, let alone allow it to be spread around in his name. For an explanation for the explosions, just look at the cameras the Dimona Dozen brought in. If someone is waving a degree as an anchor for this "prompt criticality" bull hockey, remember that there is such a thing as a paper trained idiot and if you look into Gundersen's background you will discover he is barely that, with his ONLY hands on experience outside a classroom being an intern at a nuclear facility two years before he got his degree!
If the mainstream media wanted the facts, why did they pick this guy? Because he said what they wanted, truth be damned.
"We at Vermont Yankee are well acquainted with Arnie and his exaggerations. He plays to a public and a legislature that has zero knowledge of nuclear power or engineering and is willing to accept any negative claim as truth." And since he gave an impossible "prompt criticality" explanation which diverted attention away from the only real explanation for the magnitude of the explosion at #3 - a nuke, they gave him a ton of air. Enough said.
Arnie Gundersen's consulting firm, which has only him (no employees yet or ever, and therefore it's easy to be "senior engineer") was curiously founded within months of the release of the spider man villain Critical Mass, who, as Spider man's fourth grade classmate went by the name of ARNIE GUNDERSEN. Critical Mass had the ability to project explosions from his fingertips. Hmm, perhaps THAT gave birth to the "prompt criticality" in a 20% fuel pool when 90+ percent is needed for an explosion of any sort no matter what the circumstance? If you need 90 or more percent and you have only 20 percent, THE LAWS OF PHYSICS WILL BE OBEYED. Folks, In perfect form, the scamming media hunted out a fraud and rammed him down your throats. Arnie Gundersen has a phony company and was inspired in his fraud by a Spider Man comic. NO ONE at the college Arnie supposedly attended even heard of him, I went down that rabbit hole and the man is a mystery.

This post has been greatly improved via input from readers. If you have information proving any points wrong, or think something should be clarified, as well as new info that can further solidify the case, contact me. Thanks!

If you read this far, I invite you to take part in the Truth Project
The article about Fukushima follows.

The following section covers the Fukushima disaster

Published April 29,2011 Fukushima was impossible. The swamping of the generators by the tsunami was irrelevant, because the real emergency backup systems are driven by steam from the reactors themselves. No electricity is needed to operate three separate emergency systems at each reactor, each of which will keep a reactor safe even if only one works. Interesting it is then that all 9 non electrical backup systems across the three fueled reactors failed. This is technically impossible outside of willful intent, and was likely the result of a Stuxnet virus attack.
Stuxnet was designed specifically to target Siemens SCADA controllers and is most effective at tampering with fluid control systems. The centrifuges it attacked in Iran were ideal. So are the fluid control systems at a nuclear facility. Oil refineries are equally at risk, Stuxnet is most dangerous when affecting a system which needs to control the flow of any liquid, be it hydraulic, for cooling, or combining chemicals. Stuxnet is documented to have been produced by the Israeli Defense Forces, for the purpose of destroying any industrial system that can be destroyed by improper fluid flow.
Magna BSP, a Dimona based company with no history outside of IDF contracts prior to Fukushima has a suspiciously short domain history despite a 10 year claimed history. Magna BSP had a full time internet linked two way connection to the Fukushima reactor room(s) all the way through the disaster. They told TEPCO about that connection on March 15 (after everything blew sky high) via an article printed in the Jerusalem Post. Why did Manga BSP wait until everything was blown sky high to tell Tepco the data link existed, and then did not tell them face to face? I find it hard to believe that TEPCO would not have been interested in viewing a reactor that was about to explode. It seems impossible that Tepco would not have wanted to view the reactor, and probably did not ask because the link was kept a secret. It is a simple fact that internet connections are never allowed inside a reactor's containment. The connection was mentioned in the Jerusalem Post AFTER the destruction was finalized.
Stuxnet has two modes, random and administrative. It can be administered to optimize the damage and can also transmit setup information and industrial system information to a remote computer. Once installed on the host system via a flash drive it causes that system to violate it's normal security protocols and internet administration becomes possible if a connection exists. Tampering is not visible on the control room readouts, because Stuxnet learns what "normal" looks like and keeps the temperature, pressure, and other readouts within normal limits so that the operators are oblivious to the destruction happening in secret. Stuxnet appeared in Japan in June of 2010, shortly after Magna BSP arrived. Remote administration mode can be adjusted on demand to suit any need. No doubt the people at Fukushima sat there in idle mode thinking all was well until something screamed or went boom and at that point it would be too late to do anything other than cry.
I am a lifer in the types of control systems Fukushima and it's clone, TVA owned Browns Ferry have. BOTH have been upgraded to modern Siemens controllers running the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system Stuxnet was designed to attack; upgrades are the norm in any major facility. On many blogs people say the controls were old and therefore Stuxnet immune; they are out of touch or have no knowledge of industrial control systems. I actually ferreted it out.
And now I will explain in detail why the problems before the explosions had to be sabotage
The diesel generators were not out in the open as we were led to believe, they were in fact located in the basements of the turbine buildings which were sealed off and never significantly flooded. One of them stayed running the entire time, but the electrical switch gear attached to it disconnected it for an unexplained reason which made it useless. Each of the backup generators at Fukushima were capable of running 14,000 households each, which means they had to be over ten megawatts each. It is obvious then that Fukushima was set up to survive on only ONE of 13 backup generators, and ONE did keep running. One would be many times larger than needed to run last ditch backup systems at all reactors, but would not keep business as usual. But that is not the real story, which is that even others which were high and dry stopped as well.
I hypothesize that the ONE generator that kept running was kept as a lone reserve, never hooked up to a SCADA controller. Why did the switch gear disconnect a working generator? That is the type of thing Stuxnet was designed to do. On top of these things, emergency generators arrived on scene within 9 hours, before anything bad happened at all but were not able to provide power because the switch gear would not let them. This deceptively written report from the World Nuclear Association contains all this information, but it is presented in a way which will cause you to overlook these things if you are not careful while reading it. This report contains accurate information presented in a very misleading way, which will protect the liars who wrote it - they actually did speak the truth here but in a way it would be missed by virtually anyone. Study the facts presented here with the full ramifications of those facts in mind, not their shallow misleading conclusions.
From this report you can get:
1. The generators never got submerged - you have to connect the dot between them being in a contained area and the tsunami thereby not being able to get to them. Some water got into one of the the turbine buildings where several were located and flooded the lowest point in that building to a depth of 4 feet, which means that even if the generators were on the floor at the lowest point they likely would not have been swamped because they are too big - the water would not get past the footings. Perhaps a one megawatt generator would have swamped; certainly not one of the big diesels, which were, according to this report enough to run 14,000 homes each. In addition to this, there were several generators in a second location that never got flooded at all. One of these generators kept running but was not able to get power into the facility because the switchgear prevented it.
2. You have to have watched the robot videos, which clearly show the switch gear that malfunctioned after the tsunami never got wet - there was a non tsunami reason for the failure. Also look at the high resolution photos referenced below. There is no switch gear for the diesel generators outside the facility, it is all indoors in areas higher than the water got. Remember that there was no emergency when the off site generators arrived, which means that they could work efficiently to get things up and running. With my experience in this area, Assuming it DID get soaked, a complete replacement of high capacity switch gear should only take an afternoon if done with an emergency attitude. A truck mounted crane or a forklift does all the heavy lifting and the stuff is modular. In every major facility there are spares galore. It is not that hard to make the terminations. A worst case scenario could have been addressed before things went horribly awry, that is, unless a virus did not let the new switch gear activate either. It would take days to conclude a virus was messing things up. You would not expect that. I am sure there is a LOT we never heard about.
3. That batteries held, leaving only a one hour gap in time where there was no power present to run things before adequate off site power drove into the facility on the road all nice and ready to hook up, but was denied to by switch gear which this report says was swamped but that is likely an assumption because swamped switchgear could have been replaced even before the batteries died. The fact that the offsite generators were able to be driven into the facility also proves that other lies told about the earthquake in general - employees leaving only to find cracks in the road so bad they had to walk home; Why? Why lie like this? AT LEAST this report has some modicum of honesty.
4. You have to look at the chart that shows the thermal output of the reactors 8 hours after the earthquake, which is when the batteries running the electrical cooling pumps died, the output at that time was less than 20 megawatts from each reactor, which means that they would not have had troubles before the off site generators were hooked up to restore power if it was not denied by what I suspect was stuxnet infected switch gear. The real critical time is in the first 3 hours after shutdown.
5. Reactor 3 exploded entirely, yet this reactor had the most functional backup systems. At least this report says the explosion remains "unexplained". Perhaps those who wrote the report should take a look at this for an answer.
6. The reactors are stated to be an "early 1960's design" apparently to mislead people into believing they were outdated even when installed. This was not the case. Their design was an early 60's concept but in fact a late 60's design, and since installation takes years, what more could you expect in the early 70's? The reactors were in fact a very safe design. This report at least states that the facility was very well updated. Identical reactors at TVA owned browns ferry have been certified safe and licensed to operate through the year 2035. These reactors were also converted over to run the Siemens Scada system. The reactors at Fukushima were not garbage. The fastest cars in production still function on a late 1800's concept.
I hypothesize that the situation at Fukushima is not being properly assessed by facility controllers because STUXNET is STILL giving false readings to the control panels, readings which obviously have to be false because they show containment pressure when confidental leaked photographs prove beyond a doubt no containment exists AT ALL at reactor 3. There is not even a reactor there.
This report is perfectly inaccurate with regard to reactor 3 containment. Perhaps the people who wrote this report have not actually looked at the facility or seen the confidential photographs.
This report supports what I have said here entirely. It was written by an experienced reactor operator. I found this on May 10. I was absolutely right!
Each reactor has 8 separate emergency backup systems, each capable of saving the reactor on it's own. Three are designed to function perfectly if all power is lost and even the generators fail. Fukushima did not need any electrical systems operating AT ALL to keep itself from blowing up, when power is lost steam from the reactors is automatically diverted from the generator turbines to two totally separate steam turbines connected to totally separate water pumps needing only reactor steam to power them. Even that backup system has dual redundancy, only one of the two is needed for the job. But the valves which have to activate to re-divert the steam, all 6 valves on a total of 3 fueled reactors, eventually failed to. At reactors 1 and 3 these systems worked, but switched off at reactor 1 within an hour and off at reactor 3 after running for more than two days. No one has been able to explain why these systems switched off all by themselves, when they need a powered command to switch off. At reactor 2 they were never allowed to activate. This can only happen if the control system tells them to shut off or stay off, absent intervention from the controller they automatically and seamlessly switch cooling modes to passive rather than electrical.
Some readers may remember that the real issue at Fukushima was malfunctioning valves, and the need to get someone past the radiation to open them. These are the valves that were spoken of. Because Stuxnet kept the readouts normal, no one knew this system did not function until major problems happened as a result flooding the area where the valves are with radiation. This prevented last ditch efforts (running and cutting the wires). One automatic valve jamming and mechanically failing would be a surprise,6 failing can only be sabotage.
In addition to this, another completely independent separately piped backup with an entirely different electronic decision tree which injects borated water at a pre charged 3,500 PSI into the reactor to irrevocably shut down all chain reactions (reactor rebuild required) also simultaneously failed at all 3 fueled reactors. The borated water systems have explosive operated valves so reliable that even one out of 3 failing would be a ten thousand to one possiblity, if that. The reliability of the borated water systems is technically theoretically assured. All three failing at the same time at Fukushima can only mean sabotage.
High pressure in all of the reactors proves the quake did not damage any of the infrastructure at fukushima because any leaks would have let the pressure go. In addition to this, the seismic readings at Fukushima were 6.07. Fukushima was designed to handle being at the epicenter of an 8.
The media keeps harping about how all the water went away. It only did because these three backup systems were prevented from cooling the reactor which caused the water to boil off and never be replaced. High pressures were talked about constantly in the press; This means beyond a doubt that all 6 steam powered backup systems were intact, and all 3 borated water systems were intact also because if they were not the pressure would have escaped through them. Absent emergency backup control power keeping the virus alive; (control power Magna BSP admitted was there the whole time by mistake when they said their cameras and supporting computers captured the explosions and maintained a data link) the valves which control these systems would have opened when the generators failed and there would have been no disaster. 3 worst case scenarios where all 9 automatic valves across 9 separate emergency backup systems are held shut by the controller when no power should have been present to prevent them from activating can only mean sabotage.
A historical perspective of Fukushima shows the hydrogen blasts were bogus.
Hydrogen blasts could not have damaged Fukushima so badly, this is a media fed lie. If hydrogen gas alone mixed with air could produce blasts strong enough to blow reactor containment buildings to pieces, which are among the strongest structures on earth (exceeded in strength only by ones like Hoover Dam,) then hydrogen gas filled bombs would be the prime military option. In reality, the Three Mile Island incident proved hydrogen ignition in open air after reactor meltdown is likely to only scare employees, while causing no damage at all to the facility, as was the case there. It is extremely important to know the differences between the boiling water reactor design and the design of Chernobyl. At Chernobyl, a hydrogen blast DID cause destruction of the facility, but it was because the reactor design caused hydrogen and oxygen at a perfect ratio to ignite at thousands of PSI inside the reactor pressure vessel. That's a big difference from hydrogen alone igniting in relatively oxygen starved open air at one atmosphere (14.5 PSI). The difference would be similar to the difference between a small firecracker and a case of dynamite; there were many orders of magnitude lower blast potential at Fukushima.
Just to be absolutely safe after the Three Mile Island incident, many nuclear facilities installed hydrogen hard vent stacks hooked directly up to the relief valves on their reactors, and Fukushima was one of them. This was to prevent a hydrogen buildup in the containment building in the event of a core meltdown, which caused a minor explosion at Three Mile Island. These stacks are the tall white towers you see in the photographs of Fukushima, and they are effective in getting rid of hydrogen buildup, are directly piped, and vent completely outside. "Hard piped" means that the electrical failures would have had nothing to do with the blasts, because a hard vent is exactly that - no fan needed at all because the system is sealed. Even if the hard piping at all 3 fueled Fukushima reactors failed entirely, it should not have been any worse than Three Mile Island which did not have any hard venting to begin with. While hydrogen venting might be a problem if it ignited, it would not mean the death of a facility. It makes no sense that at Fukushima we got a nuclear weapon style mushroom cloud far in excess of the highest yield conventional bomb.

Below are the classified photos

What then, caused the explosions? The containment walls were at their thinnest points in the lowest allowed General Electric design a minimum of 4 foot thick steel reinforced concrete, were likely to be a minimum of 8 feet thick, and were totally blown away. All concrete was stripped from the rebar, which was left dangling. Reactor 3 vanished entirely,as seen in the classified photo used to compare the destruction to the diagram and reactor 4 appears to have been blown to pieces as seen in this classified photo The yellow dome which should be sitting on top of reactor 4 can be clearly seen on the wrong side of the containment building. This type of destruction is is indicative of hard weaponry in use; a hydrogen air mix will not do that. Reactors are not made out of tinfoil. On top of this, there was no potential for an explosion at reactor 4 at all, it had been defueled. SO WHAT, PRAY TELL, BLEW IT APART? That's the dirty question no one is asking - how did that happen?
To give you an idea of how big the reactors at Fukushima were, look at this. It's the top of the same make and model at Fukushima's American twin, TVA owned Brown's Ferry, and it is only the top. The yellow dome sits above this, and is even bigger. (here the yellow dome has been removed for refueling). over 150 feet of reactor sits below that cap. Hydrogen will not vaporize that, which appears to be what happened to #3, only a nuclear weapon would. Reactors are about 14 digits beyond incapable of going supercritical even with a complete core meltdown. The reactors did not explode, something placed in their vicinity did.
Magna BSP had access to the reactors at this facility. They were based in Dimona, which is a military base that manufactures nuclear weapons. Stuxnet was made in their yard. They are stated to be a military company.
There is extremely strong evidence that Dimona based Magna BSP placed nuclear weapons at the exploded or vanished reactors at Fukushima, possibly hidden inside one of their unbelievably GIANT stereoscopic cameras. These cameras were installed inside the reactor containment of Fukushima reactor 3 under the cover of a security contract in the year prior to the disaster. These cameras are identical in size and appearance to a gun type nuclear weapon. Since previous hydrogen explosions at boiling water reactors have never caused any sort of damage to equipment or buildings, even during complete meltdowns, it begs the question how on earth one at reactor 3 produced a mushroom cloud. Three Mile Island sits in the evidence pool against what we have been told about Fukushima. History does matter.
One problem with the reporting in the mainstream media is that it failed to convey just how massive and strong the containment structures really were, as seen in this classified photo. A hydrogen explosion would only blow the sheet metal off the steel framed roof if it even did that, at Three Mile Island the hydrogen ignition did nothing at all. It just scared employees. Another thing the reporting failed to convey is the gravity of the disaster. Compare the containment diagram to the remains of reactor 3. It is painfully obvious that many tons of highly radioactive plutonium in the containment pools is nowhere to be found, the entire floor they were on is completly gone. We are getting lied to.
That was a LOT more than a hydrogen blast, and as a result there are thousands of pounds of plutonium scattered everywhere. TEPCO was ridiculed for initially stating that the radiation from the facility was "immeasurable". I think they at first told the truth. Now they have this story about the Fukushima 50. Is it in fact a "wag the dog"? No one could be there and live. Why is remote controlled heavy equipment doing the cleanup? The official story is hydrogen blasts, not nukes, so the story line has to at least be within the far outer limits of what a hydrogen blast could actually accomplish; not missing reactors and entire fuel pools blown away.
I suggest you ponder the pictures and materials presented and reach your own conclusion. A government issued training manual for the reactors at Fukushima is here
Now that Osama, who has been dead for 10 years is officially dead, Al Quaida is going to use a nuke, so they say; I strongly urge you to consider this article if a nuke actually does go off somewhere or if other nuclear facilities start acting like Fukushima.
The only reason I believe the management at Fukushima is not telling it like it really was is because victim status has been so well asserted by the ethnic group in question that it is career suicide to point the finger at them, even when they try to kill you. I find it interesting that all 12 Non Japanese employees of Magna BSP returned to Israel a week before the tsunami . . . . .
I might have understood the need for Stuxnet if it's use would have ended with Iran. Unfortunately that does not appear to be the case. I do hope this article breaks their toy.
For those of you who are reluctant to re-post this because the wording is too strong, I ask you to consider this;
The real answer came out of Fukushima. We have a member of the international community which has already done horrendous damage to a very advanced and (presently) innocent civilization and we simply cannot continue to tolerate it. Consider what ignoring this will cost you. Are you prepared to have a major disaster at the convenience of the couch; because you sat there watching TV rather than dragging your butt over to the computer to at least spread the word? Are your video games, ball games, 4x4 and porno really worth continuing to lose everything for? Is your religion going to keep you silent as well? We really need a serious wake up call. Please let this post be it, rather than some other unforseen disaster.
Thank you to the many readers who pointed out flaws, gave tips, and suggested clarifications, you studied this indeed! My thanks also goes out to the radio hosts who have had me on the air and invited me to appear to discuss this subject. BTW, this article was written via code entry, without spell check. Consider that.
These references included as e-mail compatible links.
www.pinktentacle.com/2011/04/high-resolution-photos-of-fukushima-daiichi/ (source of high resolution photos)

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  1. Ja, vad skall man säga. Detta har varit ute sen några månader tbax. Men eftersom det är samma gärningsmän som till 9/11 (och 5/5 London), och det är mega-Tabu att ens nämna dom vid namn, så är det som vanligt tyst, som i graven.
    Nu väntar vi bara på nästa attentat, som dom skyller på Iran.

    1. Tragiskt, minst sagt..
      De flesta skulle säga USA/Israel (eller USrael), men jag är nog mer åt hållet som Icke för fram, Rothschild-zionisterna...å där gav jag PK-iterna möjlighet att skrika sig hesa. Varsego, motbevisa mig gärna..;)

      Nästa ""attentat" är nog Syrien. Galningarna kommer nog inte ge sig denna gången förrän de provocerat fram aktiv assistans till Syrien från Ryssland och/eller Kina. Att Syrien är nerlusat av väststödda "rebeller" och av främst USA-finansierade delar av Al-Qaida(???) för att skapa attacker och genomföra massmord har ju tom sipprat fram genom det hårt kontrollerade massmedia.
      En känsla jag har, som turligt nog varit fel förr, är att Ryssland och Kina fått nog av att bli hunsade och styrda av dessa sjuka galningar i väst. De, likväl som alla andra länder, sitter fast i en rävsax av utpressning.
      "Gör som vi vill/bry er inte om att blanda er i leken, för då knäcker vi er direkt". Detta kan "de" göra eftersom de har nästan total kontroll över ekonomin i världen. Soros & Co kan knäcka eller allvarligt skadeskjuta vilken ekonomi som helst, och det är det vapnet de både använt (inte otroligt att Sverige 1992 var utsatt för attacker för att statuera exempel, visa styrkan) och hotat använda för att få en medgörlig omvärld att låta dem erövra land efter land..
      Men, nu är just känslan att Ryssland och Kina fått nog, och Syrien kan mycket väl vara den iscensatta konflikt som, medvetet och beräknande troligen, få det att tippa över till en väpnad konflikt mellan det "gamla" öst och väst...
      WW3 innan slutet av 2012 är ingen omöjlighet mao.
      Men... Jag har haft fel förr och hoppas jag har det igen..

    2. Skrev fel i hastigheten, jag syftade på 7/7 i London, 2005.
      Men när det gäller dom skyldiga, javisst är det Rothschildt/Zionisterna, som du kallar dom.
      Fast lite mindre tabu har det blivit att skriva det nu för tiden, för alla som verkligen gräver och forskar i alla nämnda händelser, kommer förr eller senare fram till samma svar, EFTER att först ha hittat; Frimurare,Illuminaterna,Svart Påve,CFR, etc etc, vilka alla är skapade som förkläden/skygglappar, utav just "dom utvalda".
      Smart o listigt gjort av dom, men nu rämnar fasaderna och kvar i strålkastarljuset står dom, till sin fasa, och undrar vad dom skall göra nu.
      Och du skriver ju själv, deras eviga lösning, STORT KRIG!
      Såvida inte tillräckligt många hinner vakna upp och stoppa asen.

    3. Ja, det är en förbaskat snårig skog de gömmer sig i de där galningarna.

      Jag är helt säker på att "de" har otroligt bra koll på antalet vakna. Internet heter deras ultimata verktyg..
      Däri kan de se strömningar åt olika håll, och troligen nu med otrolig lätthet kan de peka ut antalet (samt vilka) som kvicknar och kvicknat till på vår sida.

      "De" har högst troligt även förutbestämda "nivåer" av vakenhet som de anser att de kan behärska och kontrollera. Men, till slut når vi en maxgräns för dem där vårt antal är ett hot, och då sjösätter de allehanda motåtgärder. Som kanske WW3..

      Har funderat på en sak, som fler gärna får fundera på och kommentera kring.
      Tänk om 9/11 inte bara var ett sätt att öka kontrollapparaten, antalet krig och erövringar mm, utan även (alt. den primära orsaken) en regisserad händelse för att provocera fram och förena en vaken "folkrörelse"??

    4. Nja, om vi antar hypotesen att ”dom” skulle gjort det för att väcka alla naiva människor.
      Det innebär ju att man håller på och mördar människor enmasse, för människors eget bästa.
      Förstår inte riktigt poängen med det, ur deras synvinkel?
      Det är ju mycket större helvete ”dom” ställer till med förövrigt, än just att det mördas folk. Det är ju oändligt lidande (alla stora krig) och förstörelse och fattigdom sen några hundra år tillbaka, som är deras verk.

      Men det skulle kunna bli en slug ursäkt som dom kommer dragande med när den nyvaknade ursinniga pöbeln skall halshugga dom.
      Jag hade ju inte köpt den ”förklaringen” och skonat dom.

    5. Hmm, ser att mina syftningar inte blev som jag tänkte.. Så här menade jag:
      Om de kan kontrollera när och inför vad folk vaknar, så har de även stor kontroll på de som då vaknar och mycket av det som då följer. Så de provocerar fram en händelse som de sedan kan i mångt och mycket kontrollera följdeffekterna utav. Allt som är omkring 9/11 som är suspekt, kan då vara medvetet gjort i många fall.
      Ungefär som att om en sida i ett krig kan kontrollera när och varför den andra sidan attackerar dem, så har de ett stort övertag i hur de kan positionera sina egna trupper mm.

      Därefter så har de ju även något som man kan se som ett "paraply-ämne" som enar väldigt många "vakna" (det stora flertalet antar jag), vilket även det gör att kontrollen av hur många som enligt dem är deras fiender (kritiskt tänkande, ifrågasättande individer som inte trallar med i mainstreamfåran) blir mycket enklare.
      Återigen, om man liknar det vid två sidor i ett krig, så skulle den ena sidan ha en otrolig fördel om den visste hur många och vilka det är på andra sidan och i vilken takt de ökar i antalet.

      I en förlängning så kan det vara så att de använder dessa uppgifter om antalet och vilka som är deras fiender för att ha som "riktvärde" för vilka insatser de ska göra för att behålla resten i lydnadens fålla, och även öka trycket på dem att stanna.
      Till slut hamnar vi vid en kritisk punkt där antalet (tillika andelen) vakna är vad de anser maximalt godtagbart, och då kommer de med storsläggan.
      Det enda de är rädda för är att folket går emot dem, för de har inte en chans att klara sig om nog många av oss revolterar. De, tillsammans med sina lydlakejer, är endast några få % av oss alla.

      Storsläggan kan vara att iscensätta en ekonomisk kollaps eller t.ex. mer krig/WW3.
      Så som de ser det så är de vinnare hur vi än gör.. Växer vi fort, då accelererar de sina insatser. Växer vi inte alls, då behålls ett status quo.
      Jag vet inte om jag har rätt, men om jag vore en av de empatibefriade galningarna så skulle detta absolut vara ett möjligt sätt för att öka kontrollen och kunskapen samt även kunna till stor del styra sina fiender...

    6. Ok, nu fattar jag vad du menar, och håller helt med. Det är ett känt trick dom använt sedan länge att dom skapar sin egen motståndare. Det är ju det ultimata sättet att ha den totala kontrollen.
      Ett sätt att undgå denna fälla är att vi inte tyr oss till någon enstaka ledare för nån "sannings/vaken-organisation".
      Antingen så mördas denne ledare, eller så komprometterar man honom, eller mutar eller hotar eller utpressar, allt efter behov.
      Vårt sätt att kollra bort "dom" är att alla vakna människor är sin egen ledare, så att säga. Dom kan inte muta/mörda/utpressa/kompromettera alla. Speciellt inte sedan vi vakna nu växer exponentiellt!
      Varje försök att göra något nytt stort attentat eller liknande funkar inte längre för "dom". Vakna hittar varje försök och lägger ut det på webben och pajar hela deras upplägg. T.ex så har det ju varit en räcka med olika potentiella attentat sedan några år tillbaka, såsom de där kärnvapnen som försvann via en USA-bas, men som det inte blev något av för vi basunerade ut att "nu har dom något på gång". Senast var det ju Olympiaden i London som vi varnade för skulle vara ett ypperligt tillfälle att göra en Falskflagg-operation. Inget hände, för då hade kopplingen till "dom" letats upp omedelbart.
      Vad kan "dom" göra numera egentligen? Jag vet inte, men dom kommer att försöka så fort dom märker att folk slappnar av och sänker garden.

    7. Håller med dig om detta med att ty sig till en eller flera "ledare". Det verkar ju tyvärr vara i våra gener att vi inte kan gå åt något håll utan att ha någon som berättar det för oss..
      Fast det kan även vara ett tänk bakom det med, i hur "de" berättar historien.

      Dock så skulle något enande behövas, men utan ledare. Klarar vi av det?
      Kan vi enas bakom en önskan, och låta bara önskan i sig vara "ledaren"? Kanske..
      Fast någonstans måste ett enande börja, och några få men enkla "regler" dras upp, och kan det ske utan att "uppfinnaren" automatiskt blir en ledarfigur??
      Kan man förena detta med en form av direktdemokrati? Många frågor..:):)

      De "dom" kommer göra är att låta oss vakna sas avgöra när och vad de gör tror jag.
      Vad de kan göra? Precis vad som helst för att saker och ting ska gå åt det håll de vill, även om det skulle innebära världskrig.

  2. Ja eliten har sin agenda, men då är frågan, utgår de från sin "egen" agenda eller kör de någo(t)(n)annan(s) agenda. För den här eliten är definitivt inte de som "kör". Det är bara sådana vansinniga tokerier att man skulle bli gråhårig på nolltid om man grubblade för mycket. I detta fall så undrar jag dessutom. Vad hände med Japanen som sa att han testade megadoser av C-vitaminer på flera av de första som gick in i kärnkraftverket för att rensa upp, fösta gruppen dog tydligen redan där inne, nästa grupp fick megadoser av C-vitaminet och kom ut oskadda. Den här japanen som jag inte kommer ihåg namnet på, försökte sen få mediatid, han blev stoppad och andra fick hjälpa honom. Hur hänger det ihop med den här infon. Det mesta är dessutom avledningsmanövrar, när det händer stora saker ska man nog kolla upp andra områden. Som när Olympiska Spelen startade så rörde sig en stor armada av båtar mot Iran, både från USA och Israel.
    Att det var manmade, ja det är helt klart. För samma HAARP moln fanns innan som i Kina, Haiti och flera andra ställen. Likt norrsken, fast lite mer rött och gult i. :-) Ytterligare frågor jag har, som ni kanske kan svara på. Varför byggs överhuvudtaget kärnkraftverk på förkastningslinjer? VEM bestämmer att de ska byggas där? Kanske det finns de som äter kärnbränsle? :-) Det finns ju tydligen de som behöver en annan atmosfär för att kunna leva här.
    Har någon av er gått med i Truth Project?
    En massa frågor kanske från en vimsig tant.
    PS HCA, det finns två typer av meditation, jag var otydlig. 1 är passiv, kallas meditation 2 är aktiv och kallas kontemplation. De flesta om inte alla kontemplerar för det mesta. När vi går i skogen ex, då kontemplerar vi ofta, det är inte detsamma dock som när vi stillar tankarna, men man går och njuter och tömmer sig. DET är kontemplation. Du gör det ofta HCA din magkänsla är det som gör det egentligen. DS

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frp6sU4MrxI Äntligen hittade jag videon jag letat efter.
    Den säger det motsatta än vad artikeln säger, så vad är sant? Hur kommer det sig att de hittar så mycket radioaktivitet i föda, människor, djur och natur framför allt i Japan naturligtvis, men också på västkusen i Canade, USA, och Mexico?

    1. Den får jag hoppas jag får tid å kolla på ikväll..:) Återkommer..

    2. Monica, har kollat ung halva filmen, men är lite osäker på vad du menar med att det är det motsatta? Att det är en radioaktiv katastrof är väl båda ense om vä?

    3. Oj jösses jag har inte varit inne på ett tag, så jag har inte sett ditt svar. Naturligtvis är vi ense om att det var/är en radioaktiv katastrof. Filmen tar upp att det är faktiskt värre än vad Jim Jones säger. I och för sig är det kanske oväsentligt, det väsentliga är att vi VET att det är långt mer radioaktivitet än de berättar om. Att det sedan finns i regnvattnet är ju också en allvarlig sak. Då får man rikta in sig på lösningar. Vad nu de kan vara, det finns lösningar på cancer som uppkommer pga av strålning. Men hur hanterar vi hela planeten och atmosfären som nu är fylld av överskridna gränser av radioaktivitet. Bl.a. då Cesium 137. Även chemtrailplanen jobbar för fullt och ett av ämnena är Barium som är radioaktivt. Hur fanken kan vi väcka upp människor att ens ta en närmare titt på himlen och upptäcka vad som finns där. Men jag känner ändå en viss hoppfullhet, för allt fler håller på att vakna. Därtill blir förbannade. Vilket är en stark energi i sig, bara man håller den konstruktiv. Ber om ursäkt för jag var otydlig. Ha det gott.

    4. Både jag och du (antar jag ;)..) är såpass vuxna så vi minns Tjernobyl...
      Paniken var total och det var spaltmil i tidningarna och timmar i TV om riskerna osv. Ordet becquerel blev flitigt använt och rennäringen var kraftigt i fara. Har för mig att det var slaktförbud på ren och att älgjakt mm hade väldiga problem?

      Efter Fukushima så var det en kort tid debatt, men den försvann snabbt..
      Samma efter olyckan med Deepwater Horizont..
      Två extrema olyckor som man numera inte alls bevakar följderna av, och när media slutar bevaka något så faller det även ur minnet hos "svensson".
      Men självklart ger dessa båda olyckor negativa konsekvenser i ekolivet i decennier framöver. Varför man är så tyst om det är en gåta.
      Förloraren är den vanliga människan, som vanligt.
      Vart är insatserna IDAG för att minimera de negativa följdeffekterna?

      Kommer att tänka på en scen ur filmen "Erin Brockovich" där "Erin" gett vatten till advokaterna hon har på motståndarsidan sas. De dricker vattnet utan problem, men när hon berättar att just det vattnet är från de brunnar som de tvistar om huruvida de är förgiftade eller ej, ja då blir de inte glada ;).

      Att fler vaknar är fantastiskt, men kan ha en baksida om man är lite skeptisk. Se min konversation med Sverker precis ovan här..
      När man vaknat så är det omöjligt att gå tillbaka till det sovande grönsakstillståndet som man var i innan.. Det finns säkert de som provar, för att de inte orkar med all skit de ser, men att helt gå tillbaka är omöjligt anser jag.
      Så på så vis så kan andelen vakna bara öka.

    5. Jag håller fullständigt med dig HCA, jo jag tackar jag, jag är så pass gammal att jag kommer ihåg Tjernobyl haha, lastgammal skulle jag nog vilja säga mer. Och JA jag tycker absolut man ska återuppväcka och påminna folk om vad som händer på vår planet. Det är så otroligt viktigt, jag ser hur många som reagerar i chemtrailgruppen bl.a. jag är med i.

      Man kan aldrig lägga ner en tråd man en gång tagit upp heller för den delen för det kommer ständigt nya människor in som behöver få veta. De "gamla" vet redan och de måste nog ta på sig en roll så de kan axla de tidigare i infon.

      Deepwater är det inte bara infon som tystats, tyvärr har många människor tystats också, t.o.m. deras liv, känner tyvärr flera stycken som är döda idag. DET är också en katastrof som har långtgående konsekvenser, som fortfarande har.

      Det jag undrar över dock är: Hur många spelare är det på plan egentligen, det ser ut som ganska många? Är alla dessutom så urbota korkade? Ser ut så i mina ögon, men är det så i Moder Jords ögon, som ju naturligtvis inte är en enskild individ? Då kanske vi också är del av alltet, är vi också korkade då?

      Vad är det för vits med att spraya ner hela planeten, med ämnen som Barium, kvicksilver, aluminium, osv osv. Alla dessa ämnen skapar dessutom ytterligare ämnen när de "muterar" (det är inte ordet jag menar men har fått hjärnsläpp):-). Men det ger framför allt en ny atmosfär tydligen. ´Men ger det också så pass mycket kemiskt att vi som människor blir som sändare för de här scalarvågorna eller HAARP?

      Den ekonomiska kollapsen hade angendan satt till oktober 2012. Vet inte om det datumet håller dock.

      Ska det sen bli istid också eftersom de påverkat glasiärerna med HAARP så havsvattnet blivit långt mindre salt, ja då påverkar det gulfströmmen, den har redan nu saktat av så till den milda grad att en istid är att vänta långt tidigare än de tidigare trott. En längre tid innan så ska det bli mycket kraftiga regn. Kan ännu inte se om det är detta vi har nu eller om det är mer regn att vänta först.

      Jag tycker du har gjort ett helt fantastiskt jobb som orkar hålla en blogg gående så länge som du gjort. Likaså Joakim. Ja det är många fler som också gör det. Fåren måste vakna. :-) Kanske är ni fåraherdarna. Men vilka är fåraherdarnas ägare då? När landet inte längre är bördigt flyr fåren med eller utan fåraherdarna tror jag. Eller är jag kanske för optimistisk här? Hoppas jag i alla fall. Det är långt färre ägare, än vad det finns fåraherdar och får. Men VAD styr ägarna? Det brukar oftast vara massan som vinner till slut. :-)

      Sedan är det nog så att den teknik vi ser idag bara är den officiella, den eliten har är en helt annan. Då är det inte längre länder som slåss. Sen är väl då frågan vem ska vinna över den här planeten? För om det är många förändringar som sker i hela solsystemet så är det nog det i hela galaxen också, alltså är det förändringar långt större än vi ens kan tänka ut. Inget är ju statiskt. Jisses så långt det blev.

    6. Tack för berömmet, det värmer..:) Att jag hållit på i snart fem år beror på att jag dels gillar att skriva (jepp, det är ett långt svar :)..) men även för att jag tycker om att lära mig saker, viktiga saker, och delge dem så gott jag kan.
      Ändå har jag undvikit rätt många ämnen för att inte få någon bestämd stämpel som de numera panikslagna medlemmarna inom PK-ismen kan använda..

      Oroande det du skriver om Deepwater, vore intressant att få reda på mer om vad du vet. Mejla gärna om du vill, severkligheten[at]gmail.com
      Man är aldrig äldre än man känner sig, och i den aspekten så känner jag mig över 100 lätt när jag ser vad jag vet i motsats till många andra. Inte menat som skryt e.d., utan bara ett krasst konstaterande att kunskapsnivån och viljan att ha ett kritiskt synsätt hos flertalet medmänniskor är skrämmande lågt.
      Jag vidhåller envist att skolan av idag inte är en lärande institution utan en kopierande institution. Självklart är det ett verktyg som passar bra vad gäller matematik, skriva osv, men när det kommer till historia, samhällskunskap mm så är det förödande. Vinnaren skriver historian, och sedan något århundrade så har även Big Business påverkat vad som ska vara sanning och lögn..
      Dessutom så har skolan lyckats med att tvätta bort livsviktig kunskap, det som man förr lärde sig via sina föräldrar.Kunskapen om hur man brukar jorden, djuren, skogen osv är närmast förintad i vårt arv på bara två generationer...


    7. Hur många spelare..
      Menar du som grupperingar? Svårt att veta, men jag är tämligen övertygad om att de som styr och ställer längst upp sas är bankkartellerna. Det är de som nästan undantagslöst vunnit på allt elände som skett, och de ses av våra sk ledare som en "enhet" som inte kan röras, kritiseras eller straffas. Sen finns det en massa smågrupperingar under dem som kan ha olika betydelser där en kan mycket väl vara att skapa många "fronter" mot folken som de bara ser som fiender som de mjölkar på allt av värde från. Om vi spretar och har flera av deras grupperingar att syna (Bilderberg, Knights of Malta, Frimurarna, Illimunati osv osv) så tar det även längre tid att se de verkliga aktörerna.
      Tyvärr är de inte korkade, utan deras brist på empati gör att de inte har de begränsningar som vi andra agerar efter.
      Man ska heller inte glömma hur stark indoktrinering kan vara, och som visat sig i tusentals fall genom åren med allt från sekter till skrattande soldater som skjuter ihjäl civila.
      Eller blint tilltro till en religion...

      Att spraya kan ha flera bottnar.
      Grundtanken och den officiella förklaringen inom den inofficiella strukturen sas är troligen klimathotet.. Med tanke på hur många som gått på den teorin, och hur vansinnigt hårt man marknadsfört den, så är det inte otroligt.
      Finns en hel del nytt (iaf för mig) i det här inlägget:
      Vet ej om allt stämmer mm, men det är inte omöjligt. Drar chemtrails ner virus mm från extrema höjder? Att det kan mutera är nog inte helt galet ändå..
      Vad gäller HAARP och dess möjligheter så är jag oftast försiktig att dra några slutsatser direkt.. Oroande och möjligt javisst, galningarna skyr inga medel. Men ju fler ingredienser man stoppar i såsen desto större risk att den skär sig, samt de tilltalar färre. Dock utesluter jag ingenting, så långt har jag kommit iaf så jag insett att det finns ingenting som är för galet/konstigt/"omöjligt" när det gäller "deras" brott mot mänskligheten..

      Hehe, fåraherde..;).. Några får har jag iaf hjälpt till att bli mer som ilskna tigrar, det känns bra. Massan måste vinna, alternativet är för skrämmande.

      Tekniken "de" har är nog flera decennier före oss sas. Se bara på den nano-teknologi som är officiell och vad den kan användas till. Skrämmande..
      Det är inte länder som slåss nu, det är en ekonomisk modell (skuldmodellen) som vill ta död på alla andra modeller. Det döljs i ord som "arabisk vår" eller "frihetskrig" men har en kuslig gemensam nämnare att de som erövras är de som sätter sig emot att tillhöra skuldekonomin.
      Även dessa extrema galningar som styr Jorden för tillfället är som små löss när Universum har sina små nycker.
      De kanske vet detta, och vill föregå katastrofer med att tillskansa sig så mycket makt och rikedomar innan det brakar loss, och som "present" till mänskligheten så får vi antingen en ekonomisk härdsmälta eller ett nytt världskrig...

  4. Hur ska vi förstå det som pågår i Mellersta Östern?
    The Transparent Cabal:
    The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel

    Press TV-The Autograph-Stephen J Sniegoski-01-04-2010

    An exclusive interview with Stephen J Sniegoski , author of The Transparent Cabal

    The war on Iraq:
    Conceived in Israel

    Karen Kwiatkowski jobbade i Pentagon. Hon såg hur de agerade. Hon är ett ögonvittne:
    I witnessed neoconservative agenda bearers within OSP usurp measured and carefully considered assessments, and through suppression and distortion of intelligence analysis promulgate what were in fact falsehoods to both Congress and the executive office of the president.

    Lyssna till en längre intervju med Stephen Sneigoski


    Monday 01/04/2010 2nd Hour Second Hour: We spoke with Stephen Sneigoski, Ph.D. and author of "The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel."