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En röst från vad som verkar vara en insatt person på Island om Island och deras situation där IMF och andra girigbukar vill länsa deras land. Men Islänningarna är tuffa, och ger inte med sig lika lätt som alla sina grannar i Norden...
Fann denna kommentar på Aftonbladet, och snabbade mig att kopiera den...:) Kommentarer med bra och mycket information har en tendens att försvinna för att de på något vis bryter mot någon regel.

"Birgirorn, 31 år, Idag 16:29
Do you, people, realize that the Icelandic government has already approved to repay the British and Dutch government, but they want more and they are making sure that the Icelandic government or its citizens have no legal rights what so ever in the matter?
There is already legislation in place that says Iceland will pay up - but on terms that protects Iceland both legally and economically. British and Dutch governments were not happy with this and forced the Icelandic government to amend the legislation and remove some of the protection that Icelanders feel is necessary.
The change of the amendments is what the president wants the people in Iceland to vote for. What many foreign people might not understand is that Icelanders feel betrayed by the UK government. When the Icelandic banks ran into trouble in late 2008 the Labour government added insult to injury by invoking the UK anti-terrorist act, freezing all Icelandic assets in the UK – which ultimately drove all the banks into the ground.
This act brought down Iceland largest bank (Kaupthing) and caused tremendous economic damage to the country. Icelanders therefore find the idea that they should foot the whole bill alone difficult to swallow. And there is also a HUGE legal twist. The EU directive upon which the UK and the Dutch base their claim is rather unclear. It stipulates only that states are obliged to set up special deposit-guarantee schemes. It does not speak of a state guarantee.
Many people in Iceland are frustrated by the fact that the British and the Dutch have refused our claim for an impartial court to rule on the issue. The general perception in Iceland is that our government has been bullied by an overwhelming foreign power into signing an unjust agreement. It is generally accepted that our government and the parliament only accepted the deal to achieve other ends, rather than feeling an obligation to pay out. It was simply a necessary evil to gain access to the IMF, and ultimately also to the EU – and thereby the euro.
Whatever the reality might be, it is widely thought that the UK has been throwing its weight around so as to hinder Iceland from obtaining international help. And then there is the cost. £3.4bn might seem a small figure by international standards but divided by Iceland's small population the bill amounts to more than £10,000 per head, or over £40,000 per household. Anyone can see that this places a devastating burden on an already debt-ridden population. And please remember this. The Landsbanki was a privately owned bank. It was not a bank owned by the state, it was a bank owned by private investors. Icesave online bank in the UK was a branch from the Icelandic Landsbanki. It's interesting to note that Alistair Darling has said that depositors in Guernsey and Isle of Man who had money in local branches of UK based banks should not be compensated by the UK depositors insurance scheme - because they don't pay taxes in the UK!!! These are still British citizens and these islands are not really foreign countries. So why do Icelandic taxpayers have to cover lost deposits in the UK if the UK government has this position on depositors in Guernsey and Isle of Man? Talk about double standard. The Icelandic taxpayers didn't cause this and are not happy to take the full blame. Is that so hard to understand? Being an Icelandic citizen I can tell you this, I do not remember borrowing any British or Dutch earned money, nor has anyone in my family, most of the money you talk about (the savings from British and Dutch citizens) were lent back out to British and Dutch companies, so we the "Icelandic nation/state/people" did not borrow nor did we steal money from British or Dutch citizens."

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