Mera klarspråk...

Jag tycker mig ana en fränare ton från Ron Paul, där han mer och mer börjar påtala vad saker och tinge i botten handlar om, NWO.
Det senaste meddelandet från Ron på den officiella siten påvisar saker och ting som många vill trycka undan och kalla för illvilliga hjärnspöken...

What thrilling rallies we've just had in Texas. First there were the
Students for Ron Paul at the University of Texas in Austin. The media said 4,000
came. Our people think there were more like 7,000. In any event, it was a very
enthusiastic gathering of our revolutionaries, as even the media admitted.
You will not be surprised to know that the young people there
cheered the pure message of liberty: no preemptive wars, no Federal Reserve, no
income tax, no police state, no drug war. Just American liberty and the
Constitution, in the tradition of the framers.
But the rally in Killeen, though much smaller, may have been just as significant. Killeen is near Fort Hood, and among the 300 people who attended were many active-duty soldiers (though not in uniform) and their families. Whether it was the young man going back to Iraq for his fourth tour, or the sister of a soldier just killed there, they all wanted change in our foreign policy. Most heartbreaking was the young mother who asked for a signed copy of the Constitution for her son, "who will
never know his dad." He too was just killed in Iraq.
How can we ask one young American to die for a neocon empire?

The soldiers and their families agree with us, which is why our campaign gets more financial support from active-duty and retired military than all the rest combined. They want to defend America, not be part of some globalist scheme to take away our country's independence. And by the way, at both rallies, nobody was for the monstrous Trans-Texas Corridor or the North American Union.
Coming up soon are the Texas and Ohio primaries, with others like Pennsylvania not long afterwards. We are contesting every one, and we will be heard at the Republican national convention in Minneapolis and beyond. A substantial minority of Americans in all parties, not to speak of Independents, agree with you and me. Until November and beyond, I want to work to turn that minority into a majority, with your help.

Uppfriskande att höra att det finns de som vill, vågar och kan sätta sig upp mot kompletta galningar som Clinton och McCain....Obama har jag fortfarande för dålig koll på för att kunna kalla vare sig krighshetsande neocon eller vanlig nickedocka. Troligast är väl att det landar åt marionetthållet...

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  1. Jag har lyssnat mycket på Ron Paul och hans argumentering mot "fiat money"..om hur "Fed just keep printing more" etc.

    Det han INTE säger är att alla dessa nya pengar är baserade på skuldsedlar som skall betalas inklusive 5-6 %

    Det han INTE helle säger är att det trots allt är de vanliga affärsbankerna runt om i USA som står för 95% av alla nya pengar..inte alls FED.